Recent Publications


V. Lucía; E. Rico; K. Anamthawat-Jónsson; M.M. Martínez-Ortega
Cytogenetic evidence for a new genus of Triticeae (Poaceae) endemic to the Iberian Peninsula: description and comparison with related genera.
2019. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 191(4): 523–546. doi: 10.1093/boz068


D. Gutiérrez-Larruscain; S. Andrés- Sánchez; E. Rico; M.M. Martínez-Ortega.
Advances in the systematics and evolution of western Mediterranean representative species of the Pentanema conyzae clade through genetic fingerprinting.
2018. Journal of Systematics and Evolution. doi: 10.1111/jse.12431

V. Lucía; M.M. Martínez-Ortega; E. Rico; K. Anamthawat-Jónsson.
Discovery of the genus Pseudoroegneria (Triticeae, Poaceae) in the Western Mediterranean on exploring the generic boundaries of Elymus.
2018. Journal of Systematics and Evolution.  doi: 10.1111/jse.12426

N. López-González; S. Andrés- Sánchez; Rojas-Andrés, B. M.; M.M. Martínez-Ortega.
Divide and conquer! Data-mining tools and sequential multivariate analysis to search for diagnostic morphological characters within a plant polyploid complex (Veronica subsect. Pentasepalae, Plantaginaceae).
2018. PLOS One.

D. Gutiérrez-Larruscain; M. Santos-Vicente; A.A. Anderberg; E. Rico; M.M. Martínez-Ortega.
Phylogeny of the European species of Inula (Asteraceae: Inuleae): Evidence from nuclear and plastid genomes and a recircumscription of Pentanema.
2018. Taxon. 67 – 1, pp. 149 – 164.

J. Bobo-Pinilla; J. Peñas de Giles; N. López-González; S. Mediavilla-Gregorio; M.M. Martínez-Ortega.
Phylogeography of an endangered disjunct herb: long-distance dispersal, refugia and colonization routes.
2018. AoB – Plants. doi: 10.1093/aobpla/ply047

N. Padilla-García; Rojas-Andrés, B. M.; N. López-González; M. Castro; S. Castro; J. Loureiro; D.C. Albach; N. Manchon; M.M. Martínez-Ortega.
The challenge of species delimitation in the diploid-polyploid complex Veronica subsection Pentasepalae.
2018. Molecular Phylogenetics And Evolution. 119, pp. 196 – 209.

L. Delgado; Rojas-Andrés, B. M.; N. López-González; N. Padilla-García; M.M. Martínez-Ortega.
Veronica angustifolia (Vahl) Bernh.; Veronica austriaca subsp. jacquinii (Baumg.) Watzl; Veronica dalmatica N.Pad.Gar., Rojas-Andrés, López-González & M.M.Mart.Ort.; Veronica kindlii Adam.; Veronica orsiniana Ten.; Veronica prostrata L.; Veronica rosea Desf.; Veronica sennenii (Pau) M.M.Mart.Ort. & E.Rico; Veronica tenuifolia subsp. javalambrensis (Pau) Molero & J.Pujadas; Veronic tenuifolia Asso subsp. tenuifolia; Veronica teucrium L.; Veronica thracica Velen.. In: K. Marhold & J. Kucera, IAPT chromosome data 28.
2018. Taxon. 67 – 6, pp. 1235 – 1236.

D. Gutiérrez-Larruscain; M.M. Martínez-Ortega; E. Rico; S. Andrés-Sánchez.
Filago longilanata and F. prolifera (Gnaphalieae: Asteraceae): Two neglected species from the Filago desertorum clade rediscovered.
2018. Plant Biosystems. 152 -5, pp. 1149 – 1159.

N. Padilla-García; T. Malvar-Ferreras; J. Lambourdière; M.M. Martínez-Ortega; N. Machon.
Microsatellite marker development for the tetraploid Veronica aragonensis (Plantaginaceae) using next-generation sequencing and high resolution melting analyses.
2018. Applications in Plant Sciences. 6 – 5. doi:10.1002/aps3.1154

S. Mediavilla; M.M. Martínez-Ortega; J. Babiano; A. Escudero.
Ontogenetic changes in anti-herbivore defensive traits in leaves of four Mediterranean co-occurring Quercus species.
2018. Ecological Research. doi: 10.1007/s11284-018-1622-0

D. Gutiérrez-Larruscain; T. Malvar Ferreras; M.M. Martínez-Ortega; E. Rico; S. Andrés-Sánchez.
Simple Sequence Repeat Markers for Filago subgen. Filago (Gnaphalieae: Asteraceae) and cross-amplification in three other subgenera.
2018. Applications in Plant Sciences. 6(8)

Patricio Bariego Hernández, Javier Bobo Pinilla & Fermín Del Egido Mazuelas.
Nuevos datos sobre Orquídeas silvestres de la provincia de Zamora y limítrofes (España)
2018. Flora Montiberica; 71: 3-8

J.C. Zamora; M. Svensson; R. Kirschner; I. Olariaga; S. Ryman; L.A. Parra; S.P. Gorjón;  & S. Ekman.
Considerations and consequences of allowing DNA sequence data as types of fungal taxa.
2018. Ima Fungus. 9(1), pp. 167 – 175. Doi: 10.5598/imafungus.2018.09.01.10

Abad-Valle; E. Álvarez-Ayuso; A. Murciego; L.M. Muñoz-Centeno; P. Alonso-Rojo & P. Villar-Alonso.
Arsenic distribution in a pasture area impacted by past mining activities.
2018. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety. 147 pp. 228-237. Doi:10.1016/j.ecoenv.2017.08.031

Mediavilla; I. García-Cunchillos; C. Andrés-Rivera & A. Escudero.
Losses of leaf area owing to abiotic stress along the leaf economics spectrum: implications for carbon gain at the branch level.
2018. Trees: Structure and Function, 32(2), pp. 559-569.


Gutiérrez-Larruscain, D., López-González, N., Pinto-Carrasco, D. & S. Andrés-Sánchez
Filago desertorum Pomel (Asteraceae, Gnaphalieae) en la Península Ibérica.
2017. Acta Botanica Malacitana 42: 343-346

Alejandre Sáenz, J.A., Arán Redó, V.J., Barbadillo, P., Barredo, J.J., Benito Ayuso, J., Escalante, M.J., García-López, J.M., Marín, L., Mateo Sanz, G., Pinto-Carrasco, D., Pinto Cebrián, M.Á. & J.M. Uría del Olmo
Adiciones y revisiones al Atlas de la flora vascular silvestre de Burgos, XI.
2017. Flora Montiberica 69: 123-140

Salmerón-Sánchez E., Martínez-Ortega M.M., Mota J.F., Peñas J.
A complex history of edaphic habitat islands in the Iberian Peninsula: phylogeography of the halo-gypsophyte Jacobaea auricula (Asteraceae)
2017. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, Volume 185, Issue 3, Pages 376–392

Padilla-García, N., Rojas-Andrés, B. M., López-González, N., Castro, M., Castro, S., Loureiro, J., Albach, D.C., Machon, N., Martínez-Ortega, M. M.
The challenge of species delimitation in the diploid-polyploid complex Veronica subsection Pentasepalae.
2017. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.

Pinto-Carrasco D., Scheunert A., Heubl  G., Rico E.,  Martínez-Ortega M. M.
Unravelling the phylogeny of the root-hemiparasitic genus Odontites (Tribe Rhinantheae, Orobanchaceae): Evidence for five main lineages
2017. Taxon, 66 (4), pp. 886-908. 

Escudero, A., Del Río, T., Sánchez-Zulueta, P., Mediavilla, S.
Ontogenetic changes in crown architecture and leaf arrangement: effects on light capture efficiency in three tree species differing in leaf longevity
2017. Ecological Research, pp. 1-8

Maisterra, M., Castro, M.A., Muñoz-Centeno, L.M., Calhelha, R.C., Ferreira, I.C.F.R., García, P.A. 
Cytotoxic Terphenyl Neolignans from Fungus Terana coerulea: New Natural Corticins D and E, and Revised Structure for Corticin A 
2017. Natural Product Communications, 12 (5), pp. 695-698.

Senar, R., Rico, E., Arán, V.J.    
Heterotheca subaxillaris (Compositae), a new xenophyte for the iberian flora
2017. Flora Montiberica, 66, pp. 141-146.

Escudero; S. Mediavilla; M. Olmo; R. Villar & J. Merino.
Coexistence of Deciduous and Evergreen Oak Species in Mediterranean Environments: Costs Associated with the Leaf and Root Traits of Both Habits.In: Oaks Physiological ecology. Exploring the functional diversity of genus Quercus L. E. Gil-Pelegrín; J.J. Peguero-Pina & D. Sancho-Knapik (Eds.) Series Title: Tree Physiology.
2017. Series voluemen: 7. (6), 195 – 237. Doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-69099-5

Bernicchia; R. Genovese & S.P. Gorjón.
Dendrocorticium pinsapineum (Corticiales, Basidiomycota), second world distributional area in Italy.
2017. Nova Hedwigia 105(3-4), pp. 341 – 346. Doi: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2017/0415

S.P. Gorjón & A. Bernicchia.
Amylosporus campbellii (Berk.) Ryvarden (Bondarzewiaceae, Basidiomycota), new record to Europe.
2017. Mycosphere 8(1), pp. 98 – 101. Doi: 10.5943/mycosphere/8/1/8


Andrés-Sánchez, S., Martínez-Ortega, M.M., Rico, E.  
Typifications and a new name in Filago (Gnaphalieae, Asteraceae) 
2016. Phytotaxa, 243 (3), pp. 281-290.

Bobo-Pinilla, J., de León, S.B.B., Colomar, J.S., Fenu, G., Bacchetta, G., de Giles, J.P., Martínez-Ortega, M.M.  
Phylogeography of Arenaria balearica L. (Caryophyllaceae): Evolutionary history of a disjunct endemic from the Western Mediterranean continental islands         
2016. PeerJ, 2016 (11), art. no. e2618, .

González-Zurdo, P., Escudero, A., Babiano, J., García-Ciudad, A., Mediavilla, S.  
Costs of leaf reinforcement in response to winter cold in evergreen species        
2016. Tree Physiology, 36 (3), pp. 273-286.

González-Zurdo, P., Escudero, A., Nuñez, R., Mediavilla, S.  
Losses of leaf area owing to herbivory and early senescence in three tree species along a winter temperature gradient     
2016. International Journal of Biometeorology, 60 (11), pp. 1661-1674.
Mediavilla, S., González-Zurdo, P., Babiano, J., Escudero, A.
Responses of photosynthetic parameters to differences in winter temperatures throughout a temperature gradient in two evergreen tree species 
2016. European Journal of Forest Research, 135 (5), pp. 871-883.

Molina Martín, C., Gutiérrez Larruscain, D., Pinto Carrasco, D., Bariego Hernández, P., Eugenio Gozalbo, M., Andrés Sánchez, S.
New citations of the genus Filago at the autonomous communities of Castilla y León and Aragón, Spain
2016. Flora Montiberica, 65, pp. 57-60.

Núñez, M., Tarazona, T., Silla, F., Delgado, L.  
Ancient trees as indicators of threatened forest vertebrate biodiversity of Salamanca (Spain)  
2016. Pirineos, 171, art. no. e020, .

Peñas, J., Barrios, S., Bobo-Pinilla, J., Lorite, J., Martínez-Ortega, M.M.   
Designing conservation strategies to preserve the genetic diversity of Astragalus edulis bunge, an endangered species from western mediterranean region    
2016. PeerJ, 2016 (1), art. no. e1474.

Pinto-Carrasco, D., Košnar, J., López-González, N., Koutecký, P., Těšitel, J., Rico, E., Martínez-Ortega, M.M.        
Development of 14 Microsatellite Markers in Odontites vernus s.l. (Orobanchaceae) and Cross-Amplification in Related Taxa           
2016. Applications in Plant Sciences, 4 (3).

Rojas-Andrés, B.M., Martínez-Ortega, M.M.      
Taxonomic revision of Veronica subsection pentasepalae (Veronica, plantaginaceae sensu APG III)        
2016. Phytotaxa, 285 (1), pp. 1-100.

Rojas-Andrés, B.M., Rico, E., Martínez-Ortega, M.M.  
A nomenclatural treatment for Veronica subsect. pentasepalae (Plantaginaceae sensu APG III) and typification of several names           
2016. Taxon, 65 (3), pp. 617-627.

Tapia F., Chacón S., Gorjón S. P.
Hongos corticioides (Agaricomycetes) citados de México.
2016. Acta Botánica Mexicana. 114, pp. 15 – 50.


Andrés-Sánchez, S., Galbany-Casals, M., Bergmeier, E., Rico, E., Martínez-Ortega, M.M.
Systematic significance and evolutionary dynamics of the achene twin hairs in Filago (Asteraceae, Gnaphalieae) and related genera: further evidence of morphological homoplasy     
2015.  Plant Systematics and Evolution, 301 (6), pp. 1653-1668.

Andrés-Sánchez, S., Galbany-Casals, M., Rico, E., Wagenitz, G., Martínez-Ortega, M.M.
(2355) Proposal to conserve the name Filago arvensis, with a conserved type, against F. montana (Asteraceae)  
2015. Taxon, 64 (2), pp. 388-389.

Andrés-Sánchez, S., Gutiérrez-Larruscain, D., Rico, E., Martínez-Ortega, M.M.     
Overlooked singularity and tiny plants: The Filago desertorum clade (Gnaphalieae, Asteraceae)   
2015     Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 179 (4), pp. 742-754.

Baltazar, J.M., Gorjón, S.P., Pildain, M.B., Rajchenberg, M., da Silveira, R.M.B.  
Acanthocorticium brueggemannii, a new corticioid genus and species related to cyphelloid fungi in the Euagarics clade (Agaricales, Basidiomycota)     
2015     Botany, 93 (8), pp. 453-463.

del Río-García, T., Mediavilla, S., Silla, F., Escudero, A.      
Differences in the environmental control of leaf senescence of four Quercus species coexisting in a Mediterranean environment           
2015     Forest Systems, 24 (2), art. no. e027, 12 p.

Delgado, L., Pinto Carrasco, D., Gallego Martín, F., Rico, E.  
Contribution to the karyological knowledge of Odontites s.l. (Orobanchaceae) on the Iberian Peninsula and in Morocco     
2015     Folia Geobotanica, 50 (1), pp. 63-74.

González-Zurdo, P., Escudero, A., Mediavilla, S.        
N resorption efficiency and proficiency in response to winter cold in three evergreen species       
2015     Plant and Soil, 394 (1-2), pp. 87-98.

López-González, N., Mayland-Quellhorst, E., Pinto-Carrasco, D., Martínez-Ortega, M.M.  
Characterization of 12 Polymorphic SSR Markers in Veronica Subsect. Pentasepalae (Plantaginaceae) and Cross-Amplification in 10 Other Subgenera  
2015     Applications in Plant Sciences, 3 (10), art. no. 1500059, .

Rojas-Andrés, B.M., Albach, D.C., Martínez-Ortega, M.M.     
Exploring the intricate evolutionary history of the diploid-polyploid complex Veronica subsection Pentasepalae (Plantaginaceae)           
2015     Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 179 (4), pp. 670-692.

Delgado L., Gallego F., Rico E.
Lindernia dubia (L.) Pennell (Linderniaceae); Bartsia alpina L., Bartsia trixago L., Euphrasia alpina Lam. subsp. alpina, Euphrasia hirtella Jord. ex Reut., Euphrasia salisburguensis Funck, Melampyrum cristatum L., Melampyrum nemorosum subsp. catalaunicum (Freyn) Beauver. H. M. Meudt; B. M. Rojas-Andrés; J. M. Prebble; E. Low; P. J. Garnock-Jones; D. C. Albach. Is genome downsizing associated with diversification in polyploid lineages of Veronica?
2015      Botanical Journal Of The Linnean Society. 178, pp. 243-266.


Andrés-Sánchez, S., Martínez-Ortega, M.M., Rico, E.  
Taxonomic revision of the genus Bombycilaena (dc.) smoljan. (Asteraceae)  
2014     Candollea, 69 (1), pp. 55-63.

Baltazar, J.M., Pildain, M.B., Gorjón, S.P., da Silveira, R.M.B., Rajchenberg, M.  
Phylogenetic relationships of Hydnum peroxydatum support the synonymy of Hydnochaete with Hymenochaete (Hymenochaetaceae, Agaricomycetes)  
2014     Mycologia, 106 (2), pp. 323-327.

Gorjón, S.P., de Jesus, M.A.       
Rectipilus stromatoides sp. nov. (Agaricales, Basidiomycota), a new cyphelloid fungus from the Brazilian Amazon           
2014     Mycosphere, 5 (2), pp. 393-396.

Mediavilla, S., García-Iglesias, J., González-Zurdo, P., Escudero, A.
Nitrogen resorption efficiency in mature trees and seedlings of four tree species co-occurring in a Mediterranean environment           
2014     Plant and Soil, 385 (1-2), pp. 205-215.

Mediavilla, S., Herranz, M., González-Zurdo, P., Escudero, A.
Ontogenetic transition in leaf traits: A new cost associated with the increase in leaf longevity      
2014     Journal of Plant Ecology, 7 (6), pp. 567-575.

Rico, E., Martínez-Ortega, M.M.
Epitypification of the name Colchicum montanum L. (Colchicaceae)       
2014     Taxon, 63 (6), pp. 1316-1318.

Andrés-Sánchez, S., Martínez-Ortega, M.M., Rico, E.  
Taxonomic revision of the genus Logfia (Asteraceae, Gnaphalieae) in the mediterranean region      
2013     Anales del Jardin Botanico de Madrid, 70 (1), pp. 7-18.

Andrés-Sánchez, S., Montserrat Martínez-Ortega, M., Rico, E.        
Chorological study of the genus Filago L. (Asteraceae, Gnaphalieae) in the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands
2013     Botanica Complutensis, 37, pp. 57-78.

Andrés-Sánchez, S., Temsch, E.M., Rico, E., Montserrat Martínez-Ortega, M.      
Genome size in Filago L. (Asteraceae, Gnaphalieae) and related genera: Phylogenetic, evolutionary and ecological implications           
2013     Plant Systematics and Evolution, 299 (2), pp. 331-345.

Escudero, A., Fernández, J., Cordero, A., Mediavilla, S.       
Distribution of leaf characteristics in relation to orientation within the canopy of woody species    
2013     Acta Oecologica, 48, pp. 13-20.
Gorjón, S.P., Greslebin, A.G., Rajchenberg, M. 
The genus Aleurodiscus s.l. (Stereaceae, Russulales) in the Patagonian Andes  
2013     Mycological Progress, 12 (1), pp. 91-108.

Gorjón, S.P., Hallenberg, N.        
Some new species and a first checklist of corticioid fungi (Basidiomycota) from Chile     
2013     Mycological Progress, 12 (2), pp. 185-192.

Santos-Vicente M., Rico M., Martínez-Ortega  M. M.
Inula helenioides DC., I. langeana Beck, I. maletii Maire, I. montana L., I. oculus-christi L., I. salicina L. (Asteraceae).
2013     In Marhold, K. (ed.). IAPT/IOPB chromosome data. TAXON. 62, pp. 1361 – 1361. Int Assoc Plant Taxonomy-Iapt.


Agudo, J.A.S., Martínez-Ortega, M.M., Cafferty, S., Rico, E. 
A contribution toward clarifying the nomenclature of Veronica L. (Plantaginaceae)
2012     Taxon, 61 (4), pp. 867-870.

Bernicchia, A., Gorjón, S.P., Vampola, P., Ryvarden, L., Prodi, A.   
A phylogenetic analysis of Antrodia s.l. based on nrDNA ITS sequences, with emphasis on rhizomorphic European species           
2012     Mycological Progress, 11 (1), pp. 93-100.

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Type studies of the species of Odontia described by GH Cunningham    
2012     New Zealand Journal of Botany, 50 (3), pp. 289-301.

Gorjón, S.P. 
First record of Dendrothele mangiferae (Agaricales, Basidiomycota) from the Neotropics  
2012     Mycotaxon, 119, pp. 137-140.
Gorjón, S.P., De Jesus, M.A.      
Some new species and new records of corticioid fungi (Basidiomycota) from the Brazilian Amazon          
2012     Phytotaxa, 67, pp. 38-54.

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The genus Athelopsis (Atheliales, Basidiomycota) in the Patagonian Andes          
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Gorjón, S.P., Greslebin, A.G., Rajchenberg, M. 
Uncobasidium roseocremeum sp. nov. and other corticioid Basidiomycetes from the Patagonian Andes of Argentina        
2012     Mycotaxon, 121, pp. 349-364.

Mediavilla, S., Gallardo-López, V., González-Zurdo, P., Escudero, A.
Patterns of leaf morphology and leaf N content in relation to winter temperatures in three evergreen tree species  
2012     International Journal of Biometeorology, 56 (5), pp. 915-926.

Saitta, Bernicchia, A., Gorjón, S.P., Altobelli, E., Granito, V.M., Losi, C., Lunghini, D., Maggi, O., Medardi, G., Padovan, F., Pecoraro, L., Vizzini, A., Persiani, A.M.      
Corrigendum to Biodiversity of wood-decay fungi in Italy
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Proposal to conserve the name Inula L. (Asteraceae) with a conserved type.
2012        Taxon. 61, pp. 1330 – 1331. Int Assoc Plant Taxonomy.